Web applications for all your needs

Mainly web applications can be divided into these macro categories:

  • Information: useful for sharing information. This type of web application helps users find information about your company and the products and services offered.
  • E-commerce: useful for those who want to sell products online.
  • Management: useful for those who need a solution consisting of both an information frontend part and an administrative backend part.

All our websites are "responsive", that is a web design technique capable of automatically adapting graphically to the device with which they are displayed (smartphone and tablet).

The advantages of a web application are:

  1. Independence: the use of the application does not depend on the operating system with which it is used.
  2. Simplicity: no additional software is required to use the application.
  3. Data centralization: the database resides on a server accessible with a standard internet connection.
  4. Savings: lower implementation, maintenance and, above all, infrastructure costs.
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