StandardERP installation and assistance

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Enterprise resource planning (often abbreviated to ERP) is a management software that integrates all the relevant business processes of a company (sales, purchases, warehouse management, accounting etc.).

ERP systems are typically characterized by three factors:

  1. A common database for all applications, in this way there are no problems updating data, as opposed to what happens in island systems.
  2. A modular structure that allows great interoperability between functional groups.
  3. A prescriptive approach; this type of approach favors business process reengineering (BPR), also reverses the usual paradigm of the program that adapts to the function.

Standard ERP is an Enterprise Resource Planning system designed to manage companies of all sizes and in all sectors. Accounting, order management, warehouse, production and Job costing are the central components of Standard ERP. Choose from a multitude of other modules, made for each possible sector and all fully integrated with each other.

Standard ERP offers a unique combination of integrated services that allow the user to eliminate the need for any additional software, for queries and calculation of taxes, a graphical Business Intelligence interface, integrated electronic payment systems, reconciliation, electronic invoice and much more .

Each installation of Standard ERP on the cloud includes the installation of Cloud Node, a system that provides complete control of the corporate server. Cloud Node opens the doors to a fast and efficient remote management of the server through MyStandard, a customized portal for server management and contracted services. Through it you can perform automatic backups regularly and download if necessary. Start, stop and restart your server, solve any problem, manage restores and backups, keep critical files on your cloud with absolute security and keep your system always updated with all the latest versions.

With the remote control of your server you can drastically reduce costs. Nonetheless, HansaWorld's Cloud solution offers the flexibility and ability to install a Client StandardERP connected to your server from anywhere in the world, on any device that is connected to the internet. This means being able to manage your business in real time and from anywhere.